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In the Blind Spot of the Mind’s Eye

Adolf Fischer, a British labor activist was innocent yet tried and sentenced to death in 1887. With the rope around his neck, and shortly before the trap opened below his feet, he screamed that this is the happiest day in … Continue reading

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Despite how Hard you Try, you’re Probably not Going to be Happy

Daniel Gilbert’s book that I have just finished reading for the second time in 2 years is not a self help book. Anyone that takes psychological advice from someone who is not licensed or trained to give it should have … Continue reading

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Our Brain: The Great Story Teller

After some time off my keyboard and my books due to the birth of our startup PricePinz, I have decided to take some time off on this beautiful Singaporean Sunday to finish some left over book reviews. For those of … Continue reading

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Black-Scholes, LTCM and Where Mathematics can Fail to Model the Markets

The 1970’s and 80’s signaled the rise of financial mathematics as a powerful tool to make constant returns from financial markets. Fischer Black and Myron Scholes had planted the seeds for what was going to be the foundation of derivatives … Continue reading

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Experience vs Our Memory of It

Did you ever wonder what could be the reasons why the future you imagined has got nothing to do with what it ends up being?

Could it be that your brain is tricking you into making the wrong decisions?

This video is beyond the regular TED talk. You’re listening to a genius.

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Is the Future more Random than what we Think it is Going to be?

I recently discovered a paper by famous economist Robert Shiller which had I find amazing findings in terms of how we perceive the future and how it ends up being. I sent an email to Nassim N. Taleb to take … Continue reading

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They Called him Mr. Doom until Doomsday Happened. My Review of Roubini’s Lessons on Crisis Economics – Part 2

Plate Tectonics – Continued This is Part 2 of my review of Roubini’s Crisis Economics, and I take over from where Part 1 ended, which was describing the causes of the Global Financial Crisis. The following parts of this book … Continue reading

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